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Manual Solution Solar Engineering Of Thermal Processes Duffie




An international effort was undertaken to develop this Volume. The English text was prepared by John A Duffie, Manager of the Engineering Department of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. " The PDF has been scanned at 600 dpi and "compressed" with Adobe Compress 2011. Some page images and graphics were not recovered well. Corporate Tax Changes: Impact on Electric Utilities;The Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of the taxpayers and against the government in the case of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, a decision that will significantly affect the political process and has broad implications for individuals and organizations. In the decision, the Court ruled that the government cannot limit the amount of money that a political action committee (PAC) can spend in a federal election. Actions Taken to Address the Causes of the SoCal Water Rate Increases;Now that the Commission has fully considered the staff's proposals for rate increases and rate stability, the Commission has taken actions to address the causes of the increases and to maintain the strong level of service the public has come to expect. The Commission has completed a detailed analysis of the causes of the rate increases, and it has reviewed the proposed rate increase to account for the overall effect of the increases. By taking these actions, the Commission is able to maintain rates that are affordable for the customers, and provide a strong service level that will improve the quality of life for SoCal residents and businesses. Contractual Compliance and Changes in Net Generation Standards;The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) does not impose a gross demand requirement for net generation within the time constraints specified in its Standard for Net Generation. As a result, a number of utilities with net generation in the Texas market have experienced recent increases in demand charges that exceed their capacity payment obligation. Accordingly, ERCOT requires each participating utility to develop a system for handling increases in demand within the limitations imposed by its Standard for Net Generation. Further, any increase in the demand charge for a participating utility that exceeds the upper limit of its Standard for Net Generation will be offset by a reduction in the utility's capacity payment obligation, and any decrease in the capacity payment obligation will be offset by an increase in the utility's demand charge. In addition, ERCOT's tariff provides that if the capacity payment obligation of a participating utility for a month is less than the net generation requirement for that month, no additional demand charge shall be assessed against the utility. Healthcare Bill May Create Changes in Fuels Used by Industry;The bill provides an annual,




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Manual Solution Solar Engineering Of Thermal Processes Duffie

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